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Valley of Flowers Festival Applications

32 Team Washer Tournament

First Come – First Signed Up

Check in 10:30 a.m. – Start 11:00 a.m.

On the Saturday of the Festival

RULES FOR VALLEY OF FLOWERS WASHER TOURNAMENT   —  First Place Prize – $300, Second Place Prize – $200,  Third Place Prize – $100

  1. The tournament will be double elimination format with 32 teams consisting of 2 players per team (the same 2 players throughout the tournament- no subbing players). This is a double elimination tournament. Initial bracket positions will be randomly drawn the day of the tournament.
  2. First Round Matches, Championship Match and Consolation Match will be best 2 out of 3 (team members alternate ends between games). All other matches are single games with first to 21 the winner.  Teams have 5 minutes to report to their respective game boxes when the start of a round is called otherwise the team forfeits.
  3. The game will be played with washer boxes placed 20 ft. apart. The Festival will provide the boxes and washers. Teammates will stand at opposite boxes with front of the box as the line.  Absolutely NO STANDING on the boxes!!!  Each player will be allowed three practice throws prior to the start of each game if they have reported to their designated boxes in a timely fashion.
  4. If one or both players of a team are not ready to start a round, then the game shall be considered a forfeit. It is the responsibility of both teams to make sure that players throw in the correct order.
  5. A member from each team at the same box will throw all 3 of their washers in a row. A washer in the center pipe is 3 points and a washer in the box (not in the center pipe) or on the top edge of the box is 1 point (bounces count).  There are no cancellations so all points for a team are added for their score.  The player at the opposite box from the team who netted more points in the previous toss throws first on the return toss.
  6. Player’s front foot may land one step in front of the box when they throw but the back foot must remain behind the front of the box. It is legal for the back foot to be raised at the point of release; however, it may not break the plane of the front of the box.
  7. The first team to reach 21 points at the end of a game or a 15-minute time limit shall determine a complete game. If time expires prior to a team reaching 21, the winner will be the team with the highest point total at the completion of that game. If teams are tied, then play continues until one team has the lead at the completion of a toss or return toss by one member of each team.
  8. It is possible for the opposing team to knock in your washer with their washers. If the opposing team knocks your team’s washer in, the washer will be scored just as if you threw in the washer.
  9. If a team reaches 14 points before the other team scores any points, the match will be considered a “skunk” (14 to 0) and the team with 14 points wins the game.
  10. BOTH teams should agree on the score and who will throw next PRIOR to picking up any thrown washers. Please try to police your own games. Judges are available when both teams cannot agree. Judges decisions are final.
  11. Disruptive behavior, fighting, or arguing with opposing teams or judges is grounds for disqualification. Please remember you are at a family-friendly event!
  12. After the match, one member from EACH team must report results to the judges table to verify the results. Leave all washers together on the boxes. At the judges table teams will find out round and box assignment for the next game.

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