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Valley of Flowers Festival Applications

Parade Rules (Modified for 2023)

  * * After the parade pick up participants only on rue St. Charles Street.**

****Please do not park on the neighboring merchants’ lots.* * * *


 At least one person from each unit must attend one of the safety meetings at the James J. Eagan Center either on April 18, at 6:30 p.m. OR on April 20, at 6:30 p.m.  The Festival will prohibit units who do not attend at least one meeting from parade participation. 

1. PARADE ROUTE – Starts at 1:45 p.m. at the James J. Eagan Center (Waterford Dr. and Parker Rd.), proceeds left on Parker Rd. to New Florissant Rd., turns left on New Florissant Rd. to Rue St. Francois, continues right to rue St. Ferdinand, goes left to Washington St. then right on Washington St. where it disperses after passing the Duchesne Home Association Grounds on Washington St.

2. WALKING UNITS Dance groups will only perform on a flatbed or float. They will not walk in the parade.  All marching bands and walking units assemble at Atonement Lutheran Church 1285 New Florissant Road.  Walkers are limited to 25 walkers per unit (excluding bands).  All units must continually move forward to maintain a close gap with the unit before them.

3. MOBILE UNITS – Use the entrance to James J. Eagan Center located at Parker Rd. & Waterford Dr. Parade officials will check you in and direct you to your parade line-up location. If you wish to be judged, arrive before the noon. Late arrivals will not be judged. Drop FLOAT RIDERS off after check in and they should proceed to their unit. Units not being judged please arrive no later than 1:00 p.m. Reminder – Floats can be no taller than 12 ft. from ground to top of float and must have at least one (1) walker per side for safety.  Only the first two car clubs (only six cars per club) with approved applications are allowed. All vehicles in the parade must submit proof of insurance to the office with the parade application. Units must continually move forward to maintain a close gap with the unit before them.

4. DECORATIONS – All mobile entries must be completely covered with decorations (Exceptions: antique cars [50 plus years old] and car club cars). All support vehicles must be completely decorated prior to entering the assembly point, however, the tow vehicle does not have to be decorated. The Festival committee will immediately remove any non-compliant vehicle from the parade.

5. DISTRIBUTION OF ITEMS TO SPECTATORS – Parade participants may not pass out fliers or advertisements. This includes but is not limited to campaign literature or promotional fliers for events or businesses. Elected officials may not pass out anything with their name and position identified. ***For safety reasons, no one may throw anything from parade units to parade spectators. Parade officials may immediately remove from the parade the unit that violates this provision.***  A group member walking next to your unit may distribute allowed items (e.g. candy or beads).

6. SOUND – Please indicate type of sound system (if you have sound) on the application.

7. VISITING DIGNITARIES (elected officials) – Please contact our office at (314) 837-0033 for rules.

8. HORSE & DOG UNITS – Must provide their own clean-up crew directly behind the horses or dogs. All horse and dog units assemble at Church of the Master (corner of Parker Rd. and Paddock Dr.) by 1:15 p.m.

9. THE PROGRESS OF ALL PARADE UNITS MUST BE FORWARD. Do not stop.  All units must follow the instructions of the parade officials and continually move forward to maintain a close gap with the unit before them.  Parade officials may immediately remove non-compliant units from the parade.   All units must complete the entire route to the Duchesne Home Association Grounds on Washington St. Do not leave the parade (unless you have been removed by a parade official) until you have passed the Home Association Grounds.  The reviewing stands are at the corner of rue St. Francois and rue St. Jean, approximately one (1) block before the television cameras.



Assemble at Atonement Lutheran Church 1285 New Florissant Rd.

 PLEASE NOTE  – Dance units will not walk in the parade.

  Dance units accepted into the parade will assemble with their flatbed or float at the James J. Eagan Center.

These important assembly procedures will aid with the ease and safety of lining up walking units for the parade:

Arrive before 1:15 p.m. when the parade route closes to traffic.  Let parade officials know you have arrived by checking in at the registration table where you will receive your final instructions. Walking units will line up on New Florissant Road and parade officials will merge units into the parade at the corner of New Florissant Road and Parker Road.  The parade leaves the Eagan Center at 1:45 p.m.  You will follow the parade route listed on the parade rules (approximately 2.5 miles).

Participant Arrivals and Pick Up:

  • Band Buses – Drop off band members at Atonement Lutheran Church 1285 New Florissant Road. Unload the buses and have your group line up where instructed by parade officials.  Buses immediately depart to Dierbergs at the intersection of Lindbergh and Washington. Park the buses behind Dierbergs until the parade is over. Bands please play until you pass the Duchesne Home Association Grounds.  After units pass the Grounds they will disperse and return to their buses.
  • Participants arriving by car – Drop off band members and walkers at Atonement Lutheran Church 1285 New Florissant Road. Cars immediately exit the area.  For safety reasons, no vehicles that are not part of the parade are allowed on the parking lots where the groups assemble. All units must complete the parade to the Duchesne Home Association Grounds.
  • Meet parade participants at the end of the parade at the parking areas on rue St. Charles.
  • Please do not park on the neighboring merchants’ lots.


There must be one application for each unit entered.  The coordinator will notify you if there is a question about your application. The Valley Of Flowers Committee has final approval of all Parade applications. For additional information email us at o[email protected] or call the Festival office at (314) 837-0033.

 *** Submission of a parade application means that your unit agrees to comply with these rules. 

Violation of these parade rules may result in a parade official immediately removing the non-compliant unit from the parade and / or the Festival banning the non-compliant or violating unit from future parades.

If you fill out a paper application deliver in person or mail it to: Valley of Flowers, 601 rue St. Charles, Florissant, MO 63031 or scan it and e-mail it to: [email protected].


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