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Valley of Flowers Festival Applications

Sunday Marching, Performing, Walking Unit

Application Deadline – third Friday in April


       Please read the “Parade Rules” before you fill out this form.

*** Dance groups will only perform on a flatbed or float.*** 
  They will not walk in the parade.  Dance units use Mobile Parade form>>.** 

By submitting this form, I have read the parade rules and agree to comply with them.  I further understand that if my entry is non-compliant with any of the rules on parade day, my unit will not proceed with the rest of the parade.  The applicant agrees to hold harmless the Sponsoring Organization and the City of Florissant for any loss or damage to person or property of the Applicant.  If this is a sponsored unit, please submit an electronic copy of the sponsor’s logo.

For additional information call 314-837-0033 or e-mail [email protected].

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Marching Unit Application

To help arrange parking of your vehicles, please complete the following:

Commentator Sheet

REMEMBER: The Parade Application is not complete and will not be accepted without the Commentator form.