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Sponsors help us with the costs of the Court and other activities.  As well as Sponsor special perks, you will be recognized on our Website and Facebook page.

Join the list of “Valued  Sponsors of the Festival.”  There are several levels at which you may participate.   Each level has its own “perks.”  Go to the “Donate to become a Sponsor” link above for details.

Please consider being a Festival Sponsor or an Event Sponsor for the 2024 Festival


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Representing Florissant to the community since 1963

Every year young girls who are Juniors in High School and Florissant residents apply to represent the City of Florissant as members of the Festival court.  They participate in parades and other events in the Florissant area.  Let’s support them throughout the year.

Applications for Activities at the Eagan Center

Vendors & Crafters

So many Festival goers enjoy looking for that “special something” or “just can’t miss bargin” at one of your booths.

Click on photo or text to open an application and join us again or become a “first-timer”.

Food Booth

People look forward to delicious food and drink at your food booths.

Click on photo or text to open an application and join us again or become a “first-timer”.

Pretty Baby

Enter your child (up to age 2 years old) in the Pretty Baby Contest.  It’s for fun and your child may win a prize and/or a plaque for you to display at home.

Click on photo or text to open an application.

Washer Tournament

This fun competition started at the Festival a couple of years ago and is growing each year.  Enter your team to win cash prizes.

Click on photo or text to open an application.


Applications for Queen Candidate and Parade

Queen Candidate Application

Attention High School Junior Girls!

This is a great opportunity to represent your community throughout the year as the Queen or a member of the Court.  In addition to the chance to win a college scholarship,  it’s a fun and exciting year.  Just ask previous Court members how it helped them.  They will encourage you to enter.

Click photo or text to get an application.

Do you have some questions before you apply?  Click on the text here to see some frequently asked questions with answers.

Parade Marching Units

What would the Grand Parade on Sunday be without Marching Units and Marching Bands.  Whether it’s a Girl Scout unit, a Boy Scout Unit, a School Unit, a Marching Band or another walking group, your group can stand out in the Grand Parade.

Click photo or text to get an application.

Parade Mobile Units

Colorful, imaginative and well thought out the Mobile Units are another highlight of the Grand Parade.  Promote your company, your organization, or your community with your entry.

Click on photo or text to get an application.

Notice to Offsite Vendors

Offsite vendors must apply to the City of Florissant for a permit if they are not using their own grounds to sell their products/food.  If an offsite vendor is selling their product/food on their own property there is no need to get a permit from the city.

There is no longer a requirement to file a finanacial report to the Festival Committee.

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